Suburban Estates

"Quality land for better living"

Since its inception in 1957, Suburban Estates has been in the business of residential land development, transforming numerous sites into highly desirable developments and properties for thousands of people. 

4 Sites-In-One

For us, building visually-appealing and informative sites is not enough. We took the extra step for Suburban Estates and created multi-site setup that would allow the company to access and administrate all four sites from the same backend.

Back-end Administration and Easy Updates

A comprehensive back-end set up allows for the seamless running of all sites. With this in place, the Suburban Estates team is able to respond to enquiries and can make any additions to site content themselves. As the subdivisions grow and new stages open up, we do the hard-yards in re-mapping the sitemaps to allow for interactivity, and Suburban Estates simply input the additional information (e.g. dimensions, pricing, etc) required for each site.

Interactive Maps

Interactive maps on all sites allow the visitor to view subdivision stages, both available and sold properties and specific dimensions for individual lots. This enables any interested individuals to explore the subdivisions in detail and to gain useful information and make content from which ever device they're browsing the sites on.  

Client Report

“We decided to work with Kaiser Creative Studio as we were undertaking a new development and needed a new website. We had had a number of websites designed by Kaiser in the past and were happy with these results. Our most recent site helps to promote our new development in Arrowtown. One of the best features is that any further information that needs to be added to the website can be done by us in a content management system, which is essential. On the whole we found the service very good and would recommend Kaiser to others.“

Tracey Watson
Company Manager