Mortgage Link

"A franchise is only as good as the sum of its franchisees – and the marketing company behind them."

Promoting a common message and brand identity while preserving the local branch connection and autonomy in a major nationwide provider.

Consistent look and message

The answer was national site that was easily updatable and set the benchmark for brand consistency and core content. The site is responsively designed and benefits from an optimised layout and content structure that, along with some nifty tools like mortgage calculators and guided application forms, engage the user and captivate their attention.

Preserving the local identity

The national site supports a network of microsites that take their look and layout from the national site and common content is mirrored across the network. This means that the brand identity is preserved and the individual branches benefit from getting regular content updates from Head Office automatically published to their sites. Each microsite also allows the individual branch to maintain local content on their site that is relevant to their market and reflects the local connections and personal service of the branch.


These sites play well with others. Newsletters and relevant content are automatically uploaded from Mortgage Link's CRM software. After all, we like to keep things easy.

All microsites can be equipped with social media feeds plus a variety of other networking and publishing features such as real estate agent profiles, recommended businesses, blogging and news features, all building on their personal message and connection to the local market.