Dunedin Shanghai Sister City Commemoration Book

"Depicting a 20 year relationship between two cities 6,947 miles apart"

Dunedin and Shanghai become sister cities in the year of 1994. According to Yang Xiong, Mayor of Shanghai 2013, “...of all of Shanghai's Sister City relationships, Dunedin is one of those with a special place in Shanghai's affections”. As part of the 20th anniversary of their Sister City relationship, a commemorative book was commissioned.

The Book

The commemorative book was designed to detail prominent moments of the Sister City connection. This is represented through snapshots of significant events and experiences, showcasing the enduring friendship and partnership that was created. Our role was to design this in the most effective and authentic way, compiling photos, quotes and English and Chinese text to demonstrate the rich history of this relationship.

The Cover

We designed this cover to represent the strong bond that these two cities have shared for over 20 years. The colours red and gold were used to reflect their symbolism in Chinese culture, with red symbolising good fortune, joy and prosperity, and yellow representing neutrality, good luck and freedom from worldly cares. These colours were incorporated into colour scheme that was used consistently throughout the book, including a gold embossed logo and quote pages in red and gold with English and Chinese text.


A few selections of the copies were taken to Shanghai, which were finished with a special full case binding in a special box with the same gold emboss treatment as the book front. The books were given to the mayor of Shanghai as a gift for our ongoing relationship. The regular bound books were sent away to a selection of personnel and Dunedin's public facilities such as libraries.