Arts Festival Dunedin 2016

“Celebrating the extraordinary”

Arts Festival Dunedin has been celebrating the extraordinary since 1999, bringing fine arts to the city of Dunedin. After several years of working together for their website, we had the opportunity to design the entire Festival’s look in 2016.

Brand Creation

Every year, Arts Festival Dunedin has a new brand. In previous years, we have showcased one of the primary acts of that year's Festival. However, this year we wanted to encompass all aspects of the entire festival. In the first step of this process, we created a number of initial drafts for a brand concept. Following this, Arts Festival Dunedin commissioned local artist Frank Gordon to interpret the concept with his own artistic flair. The result was an image depicting Dunedin City and many of the notable landmarks and venues that are part of the Festival. 

Programme Guide & New Styles

Festival programmes are typically very corporate and text-heavy. For Arts Festival Dunedin we simply didn't want that as it is the imagery that captures the viewer's eye. We broke this cycle and decided to make the design much more exciting by using every inch of each page’s space and by letting the images dictate the text, not that other way around. The result was a visually exciting brochure that provides an insightful look into the programme. 

Responsive Website

A website overhaul involved incorporating the new brand imagery, creating a full programme guide with category navigation, highlighting past shows, featuring a teaser video and providing all necessary information for interested parties. The site was fully optimised for mobile and tablet devices, and the Festival brochure was made downloadable in digital format. 


Posters & Ads

We designed posters and ads for special exclusive shows as well as for the Festival itself. These were then distributed throughout the city and published in the Otago Daily Times to spread the word about the Festival.

Exterior Ads

The aforementioned ads were adapted into designs to go on the back of Dunedin Go Buses, seen throughout the city from August to October. Further to this, we turned the Arts Festival 2016 brand and artwork into a specific deisgn for a 6x3m billboard, located at 62 Ravensbourne St (in front of Forsyth Barr Stadium).

Social Media Support & Video Trailer

As part of our ongoing support, we assisted Arts Festival Dunedin with keeping an active social media presence. This involved managing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Upon launch, we also provided them with a short trailer of the Festival.